• Mine-to-market strategy ….

    Focus Graphite Inc. is a mid-tier junior mining development company with our attention geared toward high purity graphite. Our goal is to assume a leadership role in the clean energy technology economy through an innovative mine-to-market strategy centered on our high-grade, Lac Knife flake graphite deposit located in the Côte Nord region of Quebec.

  • Competitive advantage …

    Lac Knife’s high-grade, high purity content provides a cost advantage that flows through Focus Graphite’s vertically integrated mine-to-market structure. The future development of our own downstream processing technologies aim to position Focus as a leader in a clean technology economy, fuelled by demand from the renewable energy sectors. We have already made history with our first offtake agreement with an industrial conglomerate in China.

  • Graphite and the green tech era

    As a business innovator, Focus Graphite has positioned itself to take advantage of the burgeoning green technology economy by teaming up with key partners such as SOQUEM for critical rare earth elements, and Grafoid Inc. for a front seat in the graphene space. Already, Lac Knife’s raw, unprocessed graphite ore is the source of the world’s first trademarked graphene, MesoGraf™.


On December 19, 2013, Focus Graphite made graphite mining history by securing a 10-year offtake agreement with a Chinese industrial conglomerate for the purchase of up to 40,000 tonnes per year of Lac Knife’s concentrate production. Markets will understand this agreement introduces a new level of stability to our Lac Knife Project just as China announces a halt to graphite production in Shandong Province effectively putting 20% of China’s flake graphite production on hold. That stability is founded on two key elements, namely: our goal of becoming one of the lowest cost producers of high purity flake graphite in the world, and; our mine-to-technology markets business strategy for value-added products.

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$388 million NVP,
Op costs $441/tonne

JUNE 25, 2014

Focus Graphite is pleased to report the results of its Feasibility Study for the Lac Knife Project. The study was based on a 25-year mine life that produced a Pre-tax Net Present Value of $383 million calculated at a discounted cash flow rate of 8% Pre-tax. The financial model has an Internal Rate of Return of 30.1% and a capital payback period of 3.0 years. Highlights also include Reduced operating costs from $458 per tonne of concentrate to $441 per tonne. Don Baxter, Focus's President and COO said: “We are very pleased to have reached this significant milestone in the development of the Lac Knife Project. With the Feasibility Study in hand, an offtake with an end-user signed as well as battery tested spherical graphite, Focus has positioned itself as a leader in the graphite space, with no other company having reached this level of development."

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